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Green Dogs Conservation Page

Greendogslogob12a90d5cca87261feThis page has been created for news and newsletters from the Green Dogs Conservation organisation.

For those readers unaware of Green Dogs work, Rox Brummer and Carline van Vliet train dogs for various conservation and stock guarding purposes.

Final Newsletter For 2013

Click here; The Green Dogs Times – November 2013 for the very latest Green Dogs Times. As usual, Rox and Carline have put together a colourful and informative epistle, showing just how successful their Green Dogs Project is becoming.

Update 22nd July 2013; Brand New Newsletter, Just Received.

Click here; The Green Dogs Times – July 2013 to access it. Fascinating reading.

The ladies produce an enormously interesting newsletter and it is the March issue which readers will find here; The Green Dogs Times – March 2013

The abilities of these dogs is absolutely amazing and they are being used in a number of countries all over southern Africa as a green alternative to  traditional methods. Conservation-minded readers will find the newsletters very fascinating.

Green Dogs are always represented at the Greater Mapungubwe Network meetings.


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