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Greeting and Introduction To Dumelang!

M.T.D. No.4 Shaft Headgear

This is the first online news and social events portal for Musina and the surrounding areas. Being “realtime” and interactive, readers can comment on articles, (“create a thread”) or join an existing thread and have their say, whether just for interest, complaining or complimenting. My ‘phone number is 082 492 0884 and e.mail is; dumelang.musina@gmail.com. You can also send news, articles, pictures or advertisements to me via Fax2Email, by faxing them to; 086 513 2830.  New items of interest, including family notices, births, deaths and marriages, birthday greetings and so on, are welcome. Pictures can be included, colour, or black-and-white.

The name Dumelang! was chosen, despite my being aware that it is not a Venda greeting, but a Sotho word. It has a nice ring and is a plural greeting. It’s equivalents would be; “Hullo julle”, “Hello everybody”, “みなさん、こんにちは”, “Minasan, kon’nichiwa”, or “Howdy y’all”.

The launch of this blog was marked by the appearance of “our” comet, an extraordinary event which was experienced with awe by all who were lucky enough to be out and about at 11 pm on that evening. Surely a good omen for the site.

A little guidance, perhaps for new readers; The bits in the middle are called posts, limited in size. There are also larger notices, lists and articles called pages.  The most frequently accessed pages will be included in the list to the left, and there is a comprehensive list of current pages, to the right. Clicking on one of them will open that page. Try it with the Musina Services Directory. Alternatively, these can be accessed by rolling your cursor over a date on the calendar to the right. All posts and pages on that day will flash up and if you want to read them, double click on the date and all articles will open. There’s also a search facility, so, if for instance you want to see the article about Musina FM, type that in, click and it’ll come up.

Please feel free to add comments on any of what you see, by clicking on the box at the bottom of each. Once I have moderated the comments, they join a list you can see by scrolling the page down.  The posts now run over to multiple pages, and like all weblogs, the last in is the first on the page and all preceding posts move down one. To see older posts, merely go to the bottom of the page and click on “Older entries” and scroll back through the older posts. I cull the very old ones, unless they are important, to keep the site manageable.

Advertisements;  There are certain expenses to cover, so formal advertisements will be charged for, but social notices and news article posts are free. The big advantage is that all inserts are in “realtime”. If your baby is born at 08h00, you can have the announcement and colour pictures posted by 10 past 8. If you are advertising cars and one is sold, that one can be removed from the ad instantly. The cost of advertising depends on the size of ad you want and the length of time you want it to run. Call me to discuss it.

I am certain that this is an idea whose time has come, in fact, is overdue. Nearly everyone looks at a computer at least once during their day and if Dumelang! Musina can become your first choice to log onto each morning, to catch up on local news and events, then well, and good.

Enjoy Dumelang!, tell your friends about it and keep me informed with new, local news. It’s free!

Brian Kalshoven

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  1. Samuel Jul 15th 2014

    I am the CPF chairperson. I want to congradulate’ Musina buurwagt for wat they are coin. Not forgetting street commitèes around our area. They are coin a wonderful job. Keep it up, viva Musina Viva

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