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Venetia Conservation Society Page


Update 10th March 2013

The Annual General Meeting of Venetia Conservation Society will be held on 19 March, from 18:00 at the Diamond Club in Musina. (Across the road from the Venetia Office Building (Whitehouse)

A quorum at the annual general meeting shall consist of 50% of the committee plus those paid up members who attend the meeting.

Any motion for a special resolution which is to be submitted to the meeting must be:

  • in writing and signed by the member(s) submitting it;
  • presented to the Secretary of the Society at least ten (10) days prior to the meeting;
  • The Society Secretary shall email, SMS or post the proposed resolution to all members at least seven (7) days prior to the meeting.

Please find attached the AGM Agenda, and nomination forms for Committee & Honorary members.

Here; 2013 VCS Committee nomination form ;  2013 VCS Honorary members nomination form ;  AGM AGENDA 2013

All nomination forms to reach me before15 March 2013.(Take note, anyexisting member of the society may be nominated and stand for election)

Refreshments will be served afterwards.

Please ensure to accept or decline the meeting request for catering purposes.

Thank you

Yours in conservation,

Elsabé Potgieter

Venetia Conservation Society

Phone: + 27 15 575 2299 |Fax: 086 662 6575 | Mailto:vcs@debeersgroup.com

The Rules For Schroda Dam can be accessed here; Schroda_Dam_Rules and the Indemnity Form for non-VCS members can be accessed here; Indemnity_Form

Friday 23rd March 2012

The inaugural post on the Venetia Conservation Society Page of Dumelang! Musina.

The Secretary of the VCS, Elsabé Potgieter, contacted me to request a page.

As a little introduction, Elsabé has this to say; “The Venetia Conservation Society consists of many legs like Birding, Hunting, Fishing, 4×4, Veldschool, Camping, General Conservation, etc. and throughout the year, the committee organizes a few events in each category which are mostly family orientated. Our main aim is to educate and create awareness by getting families to experience wildlife and everything nature can offer.

The events are mainly open to everyone, but we do have certain benefits for the members of the society only.

It came to our attention that most people don’t even know that the society exists and I was hoping that maybe Dumelang can assist in spreading the word.”

Elsabé, Dumelang! Musina is pleased and proud to host the VCS, as a vehicle for the society to reach all of their members.


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