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This page has been inaugurated as a vehicle for anyone, not only Camera Club members, to be able to have their own favourite photograph displayed on the internet. At the moment, photos of any subject are invited to be submitted, though in the future, themes may be requested. The idea is for the photos to be appraised by experienced shutter-bugs and constructive comments made.

Photos can be sent in by e.mail, or a flashdrive or CD/ DVD, with the photo on it dropped off at Party Planet, 12 Paul Mills Street, between 9 and 5.30. Please give me information of who took the photo, when, where and any metadata that you have, if you have it. Sorry, I won’t take any responsibility for the safekeeping of storage media, though I will, of course, be careful with it. So make sure your originals are safely saved elsewhere as well on the storage media. Please be sure to say which photo, or photos you want posted, (no more than 3 at a time, please). Write your name indelibly on the storage piece.


Musina Photographic Club’s Photography Workshop

Was held this past weekend, at Evelyn Game Ranch through the kindness of Quintis and Loanda Richter. Their facilities and Tommy’s meals were just splendid. Thank you, very much, Richters. Please note, the images shown can be enlarged by clicking on them, to select and again, to enlarge. It’s not too late to submit photos for inclusion in this article, just e.mail them to me at bkl@limpopo.co.za

On Friday evening, the game viewer set out loaded to the gunnels, with lenses pointing out every which-way, like cannon from an old-time man o’ war. Quintis took the folk on an introductory drive around, during which time the plover (kiewiet) chicks were spotted at the drift. I opted to take a few sunset shots at the river on my own, some of which turned out well.

Then, it was back to the trophy room for an introductory talk by Francois Rousseau and Francois Roux. (A nice bit of economy of names shown there by the hotshots from PSSA, (work out the abbreviation for yourself)). The subject was “Get to know your camera and what the various knobs and settings are for” and the examples shown were outstanding. The first of Loanda’s excellent meals ensued, the venison pie being particularly delicious. Just as we were serving, my long-lost buddy Fred Litschka turned up from Jo’burg with his partner Nadia. A couple more places were hastily laid, (nothing fazes Loanda) and we tucked in. After a little socializing and with the promise of a 3am early rise to photograph the stars, everyone went off to bed.

Convincing myself that I haven’t got the right equipment, I opted not to join the early crowd, but did rise in time for a few sunrise photos with Fred. Those who made the effort came back with excellent shots of the apparent movement of stars in the heavens and time-exposures of the night sky and Milky Way. Pics below by Fred.

With no time being lost, it was back onto the vehicles for another look-around for photo opportunities. Loanda took us out to where a stream, with dreamy-looking pools, wends it’s way through the bush. The still early-morning light on the water and rocks gave us the chance to use some unusual camera settings, for different effects. What was really great was that the Francoises would patiently point out how and where to select the best shots and how to make the most of one’s camera. The adage that “good photos are not taken, but are made”, was evident, with the camera bugs firing off at all manner of subjects from all sorts of  angles. At about mid-morning, it was back to the lodge for brunch.

Some more classroom time ensued for another discussion with the experts. Despite the excellence of the presentation, the pre-dawn rising was taking it’s toll on the happy-snappers and folks drifted off to their rooms for a nap. Many, including the Francoises with their enormous lenses and super-duper cameras, were determined to capture photos of the kiewiet chicks, so a group set off for the drift. Estelle Smith’s shot of them setting up shows the interest. Fred, Nadia and I with Estelle, Sylvia and Loanda opted to venture further afield, in search of baobabs and other bushveld subjects. First stop was at Evelyn’s “Bushveld Chapel”, a popular spot on the crest of a granite dwala, for guests wanting to tie the knot in the wild. It was there that I snapped a shot of a moody-looking perennial pool of water in a cleft in the rocks, but more of that, later. To give us more photo-ops, and to allow Fred and Nadia to hug more baobabs, Loanda took us on a long circuit, which culminated with a dash to a spot with baobabs on the sunset skyline.

We just made it and got some super images. The chick-snappers, meanwhile, mistimed their dash and missed the best sunset colours. With the light gone, it was back to the lodge for a final opportunity set up by Francois, to photograph smoke swirls from incense sticks, using a remote flash. The results were remarkable, with, of course, every shot being unique.

Back in the trophy-room, everyone had been invited to submit three of their best photos from the weekend, which would be projected and a critique by Francois and Francois given. Some really beautiful photographs, of  a variety of subjects and styles were shown and their merits discussed, before the judges selected the best three. Sylvia Pieterse, on her very first outing with the club and still learning the ins and outs of her camera, scooped 3rd place, Fred Litschka, one of the star-gazers, put in a remarkable timed-exposure of the Milky Way, for 2nd and yours truly won with the shot of the afore-mentioned  “Sacred Pool”. Thank you to the experts for their selection and for the prize. Fred’s photo and mine are shown below, Sylvia’s photo of the stream is now also appended.

To me, what this shows, is that you don’t have to be the most experienced shutter-bug, with the best equipment, sitting for hours in a hide, using every concievable setting your camera has, to succeed with really great photographs. You just have to be out there with your camera, looking for the opportunities, shooting away. The good shots will come. The lectures presented inspired all of us and taught us a ton about how best to use our equipment and how to look for and know which are the best photographs. Thank you so much to the two Francoises for sharing their knowledge with us and to them and their wives for making the long  journey up to die Verre Noord.

The next morning was also quite early and Quintis took us out to a spot on a bald dwala  from where we could photograph another glorious bushveld sunrise. The spot also has magnificent baobab views and yet another pool with remarkable reflections of the dawn light.

When we were done, all piled back into the Cruiser to return for our final, excellent breakfast, to pack up and say farewells to those with a long road home ahead of them. Thanks again to the PSSA gents and their wives, and to Fred and Nadia for coming all the way to us. Thank you again, too, to Quintis, Loanda and her team for allowing us the use of their estimable facility for the workshop and for accommodating us so perfectly and to our chairman and fearless Dutchman leader, Wouter Veldman, for arranging the whole thing. To those members of the Musina Photographic Club who came along, Wouter, Hopalong  Elsie, brave on her crutches, Sylvia, Kyla, Denise and Herman, Hennie, Estelle and Rohanie, Loanda and Quintis thank you for participating and I’m sure that you, as did I, came away informed and inspired.

The Musina Photographic Club will be meeting this coming Monday, 19th May at the El Shaddai Church lapa and thereafter every 2nd Monday of the month. As it’s winter, it will likely start at 6pm. Anyone interested in photography is invited to come along, experience and equipment aren’t important, it’s guaranteed you’ll learn a lot.

Brian Kalshoven


Musina Photographic Club’s Year-End Function

Again this year, the club’s function was held at Evelyn Game Ranch. The Chairman, Wouter Veldman thanked Quintis and Loanda Richter for hosting us yet again. An invitation to go out early to take some evening photographs was thwarted by a rainy afternoon. Those who were early enough got to see Quintis’ sable and nyala. While Loanda’s famous bread was proving and baking, the rest of the members who’d got together socialised and chatted about every subject except photography – for a change.

While the braai, (fortunately they have a gas one), was sizzling, the annual awards were made.  IMG_3932 (Large) The floating trophy for best achievement throughout the year, for his Certificate of Merit and Salon Point, went to Wouter. Brian Kalshoven, the only winner who was neither a veld or a schoe, got the next trophy, for his progress from 2 to 3 star and Elsie Schoeman was awarded her two-star certificate and a photo frame for being the best newcomer.

(Click twice on the photos above to view them full-size – once to select and again to enlarge)

Everyone then tucked into a delicious meal and mourned the Proteas losing yet another home-game. Congratulations to the award-winners and thanks again to the Richters for their hospitality.



These three are my photos submitted for judging in October. Stand by for the results, when they come in.  Click on the image to select it and then click again to view it full-size.

Sunrise in Harry Townsend St., Musina

Sunrise in Harry Townsend St., Musina

Caught in the act

Caught in the act

50 shades of adenium obesum

50 shades of adenium obesum


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