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Update 6th November
Message from Cllr. Sewani JC Kaunda;
New appointments at Musina Municipality:
S Peta : Senior Manager: Strategic Operations
RI Kutama : Waste management, Parks & Recreation
AM Mukoma : Manager Housing and Community Services
B Rametse : Manager : Civil
MG Mudau : Manager : LED
TR Rambuda : Manager : Legal
C Jombe : Manager : Licensing
M. Siziba : Manager: Supply Chain & Assets
MS Mphephu : Manager: Town Planning
n.b. These are out latest recruitment to strengthen our municipality. With your support, together we can make a difference and more.  Give us time. Musina will change for the betterment of us all. Perseverance is the mother of success. I love you all, pass the message over.
Update  5th November 2013
Bookings for learners and driver’s licences now open at Musina Municipality Traffic Unit.
Monday to Friday 07h30 – 15h30
Limited spaces available
Update 16th August 2013
Mayor Carol Phiri and her councillors invite all community members and stakeholders within the municipal area to the Musina Mayoral Imbizo to be held at Klopper Stadium at 11h00 on Saturday 24th August.
This is the only opportunity for YOU to speak directly to your political representatives.
Musina Municipality
You speak and we listen.
Enquiries Mr Wilson Dzebu – Communications Manager083 457 2187
Update 25th June 2013
mayor Carol Phiri will deliver her budget speech this Friday 28th June at the Musina Showgrounds at 18h00.
Invited guests should be seated by 17h30.
The speech will be broadcast live on Musina FM – 104.0 MHz
Update 5th July 2012
Important Notice; Mayor Carol Phiri will deliver her state of the municipality address (Budget Speech) on Friday 13th July 2012 at 18hoo at Venetia Recreation Hall. She will outline previous successes, challenges, new projects and strategic plans for the new financial year. Enquiries: Wilson Dzebu (Head of Communications) 083 457 2187
Update 19th April 2012
New property valuations have been done and are available on the website www.musinavaluations.co.za.
You do not need the login name or password, that is just for official use.  Just type in the stand number or surname in the applicable block and click on submit.  It will then give you the value on which the assessment rates will be based with effect from 1 July 2012.

Objection forms are also on the same site.


Press Release; 04th April 2012;
With immediate effect, Government has seconded Mr. Shumani Razwiedani to act as Municipal Manager of Musina until investigations against the suspended Municipal Manager, Abram Luruli, have been completed.
Due to his proven leadership skills, Council has no doubt that Razwiedani will take the municipality to a higher level.
Razwiedani is presently General Manager in the office of the Executive Mayor in Vhembe District Municipality


Date                :           29 December 2011

Enquiries         :           Wilson Dzebu



The Mayor of Musina Municipality, Carol Phiri is inviting students from needy families to apply for municipal bursaries to help them realize their educational dreams. The municipality and its partners have put aside more than R200 000.00 to assist tertiary students in the 2012 academic year.

Municipal spokesperson, Wilson Dzebu says the municipality has established a bursary fund to assist learners with good performance who cannot access tertiary education due to poverty. He says the municipality acknowledges the fact that there are numerous needy children, however, the bursaries could only be awarded to few learners due to limited funding.

He added that that the bursary will fund tuition, books and accommodation for the successful applicants.

He outlines the critea to qualify for application: “Learners must be residents of Musina Municipality who show consistent good performance and have passed their Grade 12 impressively. Their parents must be unemployed or classified as indigents or earning less than R3 500.00 per month.  Preference, but not limited to, will be given to learners doing or who have passed maths, science, commerce and technology as key subjects. Children of councillors and municipal officials are not eligible to apply.”

Dzebu says the Mayor may treat special cases aimed at assisting learners with potential from mainly disadvantaged families who are not able to access tertiary education.

*Application forms are available from all municipal offices until 18 January 2012 at 16H00.

Issued by                   :           Wilson Dzebu – Head of Communications

Tel                               :           015 534 6132

Cell                             :           083 457 2187

Email                          :           msnacoms@limpopo.co.za

Fax                             :           086 600 4091

Note; The Application Form is available on request. Use the Comment tab at the bottom of this page.

Submitted on 2011/12/28 at 16:44

When De Beers had a meeting with our Mayor a few months ago about additional erven to be set out for houses to be built for Venetia, our Mayor asked them to build or give her a house! This is no thumbsuck but the truth told to me by a person who was in the meeting. Neither did she actively participate in the meeting but left all to the male councillors. It reflects poorly on her. Citizen X.

Comment received 13.10.2011; The Premier says he has an open line to send service delivery complaints to………What a joke, 3 mails sent over the last few months and not even a reply………He can come here to lay a wreath for a football star but not to sort out poor service delivery……..Usual story for our Government

Comment received 12.10.2011; It’s actually way past time! It’s a good thing we are not holding our collective breath!


This comment received in response to Cllr. Kaunda’s comment on the front page;

Submitted on 2011/09/23 at 10:53

I’ve just quickly read through the last few recent comments including Councillor Kaunda’s response and just want to say that, I too was a very frustrated, angry new resident until recently, when God requested my assistance with the town’s filthy state and aked me to STOP GRUMBLING and DO something about the situation. Stop listening to gossip (which is always NEGATIVE) and as Coucillor Kaunda says, LET’S WORK TOGETHER ! There was a Rainbow Community Clean Up held last Saturday, 17.9.11 and many requests were made to the WHOLE COMMUNITY – Black and White to assist where ever possible. Everyone was invited to attend the meetings before the event and again only a few “heros” came. How sad it was on the actual day to see exactly 4 White people there to assist. HOW can one be part of change if one never moves out of one’s comfort zone or should I say “Glass box”. Let’s change our attitudes for the better, then our town will change too…. How many times (me included) have we “mouthed off” about something, like the bad roads and the mayor’s spending, when in fact we don’t know the WHOLE TRUTH / STORY. We keep hearing (negative gossip AGAIN !) that there is no money for the roads – granted there isn’t, but I heard recently (since my involvement with the municipality and the Councillor), that money has been granted for the roads, it should be here soon. Now if I didn’t get INVOLVED, I would still be ranting and raving about the situation. It’s under control ! but like all companies and things in life it takes time. The money has to filter down from the top and unfortunately with every government there’s a lot of red tape. Bear in mind that this is a new “office”, let’s give the mayor and her council our support. Get involved, try and help – forget colour – see the person ! Assist with understanding and encouragement. Where you know something worked well before, suggest it ! Give constructive ideas and workable solutions. Just to mention on project – The clean up campaign wasn’t just for the day, it’s going to be a sustainable community project with an open forum, so come and join us and let’s ALL work toward a cleaner, healthier and safer town. Don’t moan, if you AREN’T prepared to do something about the situation.

Thanks, Bronwyn, let’s hope your initiative snowballs. B.


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