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******* Extra Neighbourhood Watch Number; 083 876 8182 *******

Emergency Number; 076 958 1948

Report from Louis Venter dated 27th June 2013


  • A lot of dogs barking in Dominee Henrico St at night
  • Movement in the early hours in Hans van der Merwe St
  • Woman raped in Harold Grenfell St.
  • A truck which ran into a pole in Ds Henrico St, caused a power outage. (More reason to keep trucks out of the residential areas).

Problem areas;

  • Still much movement of people in the town streets after 2am
  • Still many stray dogs in the streets at night
  • Still empty cartons from new purchases left in the streets, advertising to housebreakers that there are worthwhile goods to steal. Rather cut the boxes open and fold them flat.

Thanks and welcome;

To our new members – WELCOME. To old members who have moved on – FAREWELL

Thought for the day;

Possessions mean nothing – your life is much more valuable



In Appelblaar Ave, people have been intimidating domestic workers, by following them onto their employer’s property.

In Frost Ave, undesirable people sitting outside residences and drinking alcohol.

In Levine Street, stones have been thrown at residences, in order to obtain a reaction, to see which houses are empty.

In Ds Henrico, a vehicle which has been standing in the street for a long time has been removed.

In Woodburn Ave, the dogs have been very unsettled because of movement by strangers in the street.


To our new members – a hearty welcome.

Thought for the day

Some days, when we feel a bit down, we should look at all our blessings, in order to realise that life is really worth living.

Fund-raising drive

We are arranging a Pick a Box evening, so look out for details of when and where it is to be held, and where to purchase tickets. Everybody, young and old will be welcome. A special word of thanks to all who have donated prizes for the event. Musina has spirit and is tops.

With sincere regards from Sector 1.


Recent Events;

  1. In the Sekelbos area, there has been movement of unauthorised people in properties after dark.
  2. In Bergview, much movement in the streets at night.
  3. In Willem Smit St, movement in properties in the early hours, between 1 and 3am


Extension 4 is regarded as an “Orange area” and Bergview as a “Red area”


Welcome to all of our new members

Safety Tips

  1. Rather than walk alone, if you need to go somewhere, as one of your domestic workers to accompany you.
  2. A whistle is very effective for attracting attention, if you are in danger. If you blow loud and long, people will come out to see what is happening and quickly come to your assistance.


Recent Events;

  1. Wilson Street; break-in to a Toyota Prado in front of the rectory
  2. Bergview; movement in the streets in the early hours of the morning
  3. Ds Henrico; movement in groups in this street
  4.  Woodburn Ave.; drunk throwing stomes at cars
  5. Paul Mills; mentally disturbed person in this street
  6. Willem Smit; we are aware of a suspicious motor vehicle in this area


  1. Still much movement after dark in the streets of this suburb.
  2. Post Office area; still much movement by suspicious characters throughout the day. Unsafe area at night.


Welcome to our new members. We will do our best to be at your service

Members, Please;

If you put in a call to us, please give your name, surname and address to enable us to be sure of the location of the problem

Thanks, Louis


1. We are struggling with stray dogs and cats causing chaos in neighbourhoods. Please restrain your pets from straying.

2. In the Bergview area, there are reports of movement in the streets in the early hours of the morning.


We thank members who report problems in their areas so that we can take the appropriate action.


We welcome all of our new members and hope that we can be of service for many years to come.

You are welcome to contact us with complaints and we will give them our attention.


A good day’s work is better than a day lost.

EMERGENCY NUMBERS; 078 826 8443 or 076 958 1948.

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  1. Hi Louis / Uncle Brian

    Is there any way that we would be able to get the municipality to trim / clean the bush area in the open field accross the Primary school? Numerous attacks especialy for us De Beers employees living in the area that leaves home very early @ 05h30 in the mornings to catch the bus and its still very dark?
    It poses a very high threat with almost zero visibilaty because of the tall grass and being poorly lit in that whole area, and of coarse the”water channel” running through there is a very nice hiding place for “dwellers”?

  2. Posted, Lindi

  3. Lindi Jul 3rd 2014

    Thank you very much!!!!

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