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Musina’s Weather This Week


The first forecast of rain for us, for this season. Let’s see if they’re right.

I am told that the old folks hereabouts say that if it rains before 12th October, it’ll be a bad rainy season. We’re past that, so should be OK, now.

Weather for the next seven days

Min Max Wind Rain
Sun Oct 12 cloudy.png 20°C 35°C 11km/h E 0%
Mon Oct 13 sunny.png 22°C 39°C 20km/h E 0%
Tue Oct 14 pcloudy.png 21°C 36°C 15km/h E 0%
Wed Oct 15 cloudy.png 21°C 37°C 11km/h E 0%
Thu Oct 16 rain.png 19°C 32°C 7km/h E 13%
Fri Oct 17 pcloudy.png 18°C 30°C 20km/h SE 0%
Sat Oct 18 sunny.png 16°C 28°C 19km/h E 0%

Posted in Administration by Hotshot on October 12th, 2014 at 22:23.

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