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deBeers Venetia Mine Mandela Day Event At Messina Hospital

messina hospital

On a glorious late winter’s morning a huge number of de Beers Venetia Mine employees gathered at the Messina Hospital to complete  the renovation  of the Paediatric Ward, which was, to put it mildly, looking tired. (Note – pics can be enlarged by clicking to select and then again, to enlarge).

DSC_9365 (Large)

As usual with all de Beers Venetia events, everything had been meticulously pre-prepared, with some of the wards having already received a lick of paint from Jasper Coetzee and his merry men from CMC Mejik, and the materiél for the completion being ready, in place. The group was briefed, being placed into groups with allocated tasks.

To kick off, the wards and rooms had to be emptied. Every bit of furniture and equipment was carried out and deposited on the lawns, the under-blankets being spread out for a good airing.

When this had been accomplished, the real work started, with drip sheets being spread, old, tatty wallpaper stripped and masking put in place. Apart from the redecorating, some groups got stuck-into cleaning. Every nook and cranny was dusted or swept and windows were polished until they gleamed. The outside of the ward also received a fresh, new coat of paint. Here are a few shots of the process;

While this was going on, the VIP’s (Very Important Patients), were being entertained with face-painting and lots of bright, new toys. Some, (and their moms), seemed a bit apprehensive, but all soon settled in to enjoy the activity.

 Meanwhile, the wards and play-rooms were being redecorated with masses of colourful, interesting stickers and decals, from ceiling to floor. Certainly, the decorators seemed to be having a ball at their tasks.

In no time at all, (or so it seemed), the job was done. All of the equipment was moved back inside and though there were still a few small tasks to be completed, it was time for the hand-over and speeches.

Thank you, to everyone involved in this splendid effort. When the kiddies move back in, in a few days, after the paint fumes have dispersed, it’s certain that they will wonder at the transformation. Once again, de Beers and Venetia Mine have shown a real commitment to our town. Thank you.

This; http://www.365.acdsee.com/folders_public.php?profileid=1612960&folderid=1955016 is a link to an album of all 124 photos taken by me. If you don’t see yourself in the pics above, you may well be in these.

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