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Charl de Villiers – Solo World Circumnavigator – In Musina Today!


One-time Messina schoolboy, Charl de Villiers, who went on to sail around the world single-handedly, becoming the first deaf person to do so, will be at Messina Golf Club this afternoon, promoting his book about his perilous, courageous journey.


If you are able, you’d do well to get along there and get the opportunity to meet Charl and welcome him back to our town.

Here’s a link to a website on his exploits; http://www.palaciosbeacon.com/home/features-sailor.shtml


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Travelling To Mozambique Or Malawi? Pasop!

3996356646116_2440217112294How safe are you from Ebola? It all depends on where you travel.

A new model by Oxford University, published in the journal eLife, takes a look at the most likely explanation for the spread of Ebola.

This was because, as the university findings said, until this year’s epidemic, Ebola did not exist in West Africa. And scientists still don’t fully understand how Ebola arrived from Central Africa, where outbreaks of this strain of the virus had occurred in the past.

An explanation, according to Oxford Uni, is that Ebola’s animal reservoir, fruit bats, could spread the disease in the animal kingdom and to humans through the dense forest that spans 22 countries. And this led to the Oxford prediction that 15 countries are therefore at risk of animal-to-human transmission of Ebola by virtue of their geography.

They are: Nigeria, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Ghana, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Angola, Togo, United Republic of Tanzania, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Burundi, Equatorial Guinea, Madagascar and Malawi.

Sources: eLife, Washington Post and Club of Mozambique

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“Moderate To Heavy Rains” Says FNAC

rain-water-fallingThe 2014-15 rainy season starts next month and lasts until March next year, and will record “normal to abundant” rains, according to the National Forum on Climate Review (FNAC).The FNAC warns that the risk of flooding will be “moderate to high” in the major river basins over the period from January to March.

It was also reported that for the same period there is “moderate to high” flood risk in Maputo, Incomati, Buzi, Pungwe and Licungo basins; “moderate” risk in Save, Govuro, Inharrime, Lurio, Rovuma and in the coastal basins of Sofala, Zambezia and Nampula provinces; “moderate to high” in the river basins of the Maputo, Umbeluzi, Limpopo, Inhanombe, Mutamba and Zambezi rivers; and “high” for the Incomati, Buzi, Piingoe, Licungo, Megaruma, Montepuez Messalo and sub-basins of the Lugenda.

Source: Noticias and news agency AIM

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Musina’s Weather This Week

After a cool weekend, here we go again, building the temperatures

Weather for the next seven days

Min Max Wind Rain
Sun   Sep 21 cloudy.png 14°C 25°C 15km/h    E 0%
Mon   Sep 22 pcloudy.png 15°C 29°C 17km/h    E 0%
Tue   Sep 23 sunny.png 16°C 31°C 17km/h    E 0%
Wed   Sep 24 sunny.png 16°C 31°C 17km/h    E 0%
Thu   Sep 25 sunny.png 16°C 31°C 13km/h    E 0%
Fri   Sep 26 sunny.png 16°C 33°C 13km/h    E 0%
Sat   Sep 27 sunny.png 14°C 34°C 17km/h    E 0%

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And Another One Bites The Dust

Just north of the Baobab toll gate, a truck and trailer were burning merrily at about 4pm today. Loaded with detergent liquid and powder, among other general goods, it appears that the truck came into the toll gate with one of its tyres burning. The driver pulled it through, onto the verge and managed to un-hook the trailer, but one of his drive wheels was already alight. Click on the pics to enlarge them

Musina’s fire department arrived with two fire engines and doused the inferno with water. Of course the mess caused a massive blockage of the N1, until some enterprising folks bund-bashed their way through the long grass on the verge, creating a track. The commercial trucks would not have been able to get past, though and the queues on both sides of the incident soon developed, kilometres long.

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Furnished Flat Wanted

Goeie more kan jul vir my asb plaas ek soek na n gemeubileerde flat of bachelor flat in Musina my no 0727805776

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Matric Gown For Sale

Beautiful light turquoise ball gown embroidered with many crystals,  for sale. Only R3 000.00 Price includes a matching crystal embroidered cocktail purse.

 DSC_0070 (Large)

Contact Sandra at 078 545 1893. Click on the images three times to view the pictures full size, once to select and twice more to enlarge.

DSC_0067 (Large)

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EWT’s Wildlife And Transport Programme Page

!cid_image001_jpg@01CEC8D0Just posted, the Wildlife and Transport Programme’s latest newsletter.

“To Swerve Or Not To Swerve?” That is the question.

Click here; http://www.dumelangmusina.co.za/?page_id=15900 to read the piece.

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Musina’s Weekend Weather

Cloudy and cooler for the weekend

Weather for the weekend

Min Max Wind Rain
Fri Sep 19 sunny.png 19°C 37°C 26km/h SE 0%
Sat Sep 20 pcloudy.png 16°C 24°C 26km/h E 0%
Sun Sep 21 cloudy.png 15°C 25°C 15km/h E 0%

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Another Lost Dog

10628034_10202941617486347_7430908640203551880_nBrenda Oosthuizen Visser  posted this on the Dumelang! Musina facebook page.

Help asb vriende in Messina, my boerboel het Sondag 14 September 2014 uit die bakkie gespring haar naam is Tessa indien iemand haar kry of sien kan julle my GROOT asb Inbox. Baie dankie

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